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Digital Marketing 
Consultancy and Auditing 

If you are looking for an advisor who can help you develop your social and digital marketing plans or to audit your digital marketing team or agency’s performance, then I can help you with that. 

What I can help you with

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Setting up digital marketing strategies and advertising plans

Monitoring the implementation of the digital marketing plans

Auditing and adjusting the current digital marketing activities

How it works

1. Deep Dive Week

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1- Defining your business objectives and how can social and digital marketing be integrated


2- Identifying your brand key messages, social channels, and main content pillars 


3- Analyzing and categorizing your customers' profiles


4- Auditing and analyzing your current social and digital content and advertising         campaigns​

 - Time frame: 1 Week 

2. Planning & Setup

1- Setting up a new digital marketing strategy or adjust your current one

2- Creating a customized guideline for content creating and advertising plans


3- Ensure the following technical aspects:

  • Facebook Pixel and events

  • Google Tags

  • Uploading and linking your current customer database


- Time frame: 3 weeks


- Overseeing all social and digital plans' implementation on monthly bases

- Reviewing and adjusting the upcoming social and digital advertising campaigns

- Time frame: Ongoing  


3. Ongoing Followup


How can we start 






You’ll answer a brief series of questions about your business here 

Nothing too crazy, I just need your contact details and basic info about what you’re working on, what you sell, etc. That way I can understand your situation before we talk and get right to business.

I will check your info and set up a call with you to discuss further business details and objectives.


Based on our discussion I will prepare a proposed consultancy plan and set up a meeting to present and discuss the plan in more details. 


After our meeting, I will amend the proposal based on your feedback and any other details that we agreed on and share the final proposal with you.

At that point, if you see the value in working together, great. We’ll talk and see when I will be able to take you on as a client. If you don’t want to move forward, that’s fine too.

I'll be glad that you would have received some free advice which will help you generate more traffic and sales.


Once the proposal is approved, the Deep Dive Week will start on the scheduled date followed by the setup phase and the ongoing followup.



Let's get started! Click below and submit your request, 

I will reach out to you very soon. 

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